Sorry I have been so long again 2013!!!! Sorry to say windmills off again due to a technical fault to be repaired this month, Maybe! All well here and had a peaceful Christmas and New Year. Will and Claire went to London for a short break and I hid in bed! Still frantically busy with 3 shops and the threat of manufacturing premises next! Its the paperwork and £ that drives me mad! I do like the product.

Talking of which we have 2 new additions at the farm to join goats sheep and horses…… 2 sows. One gloucester old spot and a saddleback. Cosy in their ark no piglets as yet!

Lots of work to do in lodge in calm period so it will be beautiful for you all this year. I have been in there once or twice to pretend I am a guest….. much smarter than my place! Hope we make good progress before you all get here!

Fly has recovered from her operation and is doing well and we are all enjoying the calm before lambing. However I did fall into a ditch in the snow gouged out by a trucker and then disguised in snow!! Claire and Lewis dragged me out with tractor. The joys of country life!

Must dash as I need to do some dreaded paperwork and clear some piles of ironing and sausage company junk! Such a glamorous existence here!

Hi all

So sorry for the gap life is just full of go here and I can’t run fast enough!

Last night we had an amazing occurence here. Lewis dragged us all fom our beds to see a moonbow!!! It was really beautiful, arching over Blackaburn Forest. Sadly nobody managed a photo so you will have to trust us! Even guests and granny came to see it. Magical place.

Life is full of go as usual. Lodge full of guests, granny settled in, biomass boiler perfect and windmills ongoing saga! Animals doing well and making progress longreigning Marley.

Northumberland Sausage Company busy as ever, now purchased the first catering van and rumour has it we are collaborating with Jean Christophe Nouvelli and a chocolate sausage!! My maths is improving thanks to accounts and vat!

Weather has been beautifully sunny for a few days and we have been basking a bit!


Hello one and all, so sorry for the lack of communication, silence is about to be broken with lots of interesting news!

The farmhouse is no longer available because Claire and Will finally have a home of their own, and the business has a lovely new office! It was a hard decision to withdraw the property but one we think will have a great impact on family life and we hope you will all come and stay in the lodge!

We are making great progress in green technology on the farm, with the introduction of a biomass boiler to warm us all and 2 windmills to capture the energy from those windy days on the hill top! Moreover, the barn will be converted to replace the farmhouse this year, creating a 3 bedroom barn conversion with amazing views of the Wark forest. Susan in finally getting a large laundry room!

Sadly once again, we had to say goodbye to one of our equine family members this year, Kerry left us after a very quick and peaceful end. We never want to let them go, but we are safe in the knowledge that they had a happy and long life with us, she will be missed.

We also send our best wishes to our local celebrity event rider Charlotte who suffered a very nasty fall a few weeks ago, reminding us all just how dangerous our four legged friends can be.

In shop news, the new Fenwick counter is doing very well and after a very productive Christmas period we are all enjoying a quiter few months with the butchers off on holiday (we are not jealous…) and lots of new sausages and haggis making (not fun let me tell you…). We hope to expand even more this year, with new shop plans, new contracts and online sales, watch this space!

The weather seems to have been kind this year, the fact that we have not drowned in snow and actually seen a little sunshine in January has been a welcome change. We are all hoping its a sign of a hot and sunny summer heading our way starting with a trouble free sunny lambing season… well one can hope…..

Best wishes for the new year!

Team Roses Bower x

Last Ewe lambed twins this morning. All over for another year. Most doing well although weather unsettled and a few problems with mastitis. Very sad when a new mum succumbs and this will be her last season already. Horses enjoying their freedom, must get onboard soon.

Had some great guests already. Fabulous 70th birthday part with Tom and Joan at Langley Castle! What a treat! People being so kind as we are all lambed out!

Lewis had a new knee last week and is hobbling on sticks and frantically excercising in his posh white socks! Seems to have gone really well and he is supervising us all! All those nurses doing him a power of good.

Have not sorted pictures yet. Promise it is on my list, after garden, stock take and guest paperwork!

Lambing will soon be here and the babies have already arrived! 6 goat kids from the Humber Bridge as part of “project goat”. These little boys are the unwanted part of a dairy, however, with our help, they will have a great life and then continue to have purpose by making delicious sausages and burgers for the Northumberland Sausage company! We hope this project will give life and purpose to all the little male kids from this and other dairy herds and will keep you all updated!

In other news, we now have a listing on tripadvisor and we are desperate to get off the ground with a review! If you have stayed with us we’d be very grateful if you could write a review, good or bad we appreciate your honesty!

More soon


Lodge 26th March-2nd April

Our new company!

Farmhouse and Lodge ready for busy season and 4* inspection, gearing up for lambing season and trying to be technical on the website… all this stress means we need a holiday! The zip and link beds are installed in the farmhouse and look and feel lovely!

Ryan staying at the farm helping with the sheep and finishing his upland farming apprenticeship, good to get some extra helping hands.

Snowdrops popping up all over the farm, a sure sign spring is arriving and the hare is a common site now, along with the badgers and deer.

Horses ready to hit the fields, that will be a fun day!!

Lewis well and away in Africa on business, Will working hard and newly qualified with his apprenticeship!

The shop is busy again after a quiet January and has recently celebrated the lanch of its new company the Northumberland Sausage Company.

Speak soon, over and out!

Please  use the comment form below to tell us what you thought of your stay.


Our first Christmas with a log fire in the lodge, Roses Bower lambs in the butchers and all is well.  The Xmas period in the shop was manic but thanks to a lot of hard work by the staff, we made it to a euphoric Xmas break! New Year and Xmas , was spent quietly with guests and family thoroughly chilling out and enjoying a few lie ins and the peace and quiet that prolonged snow brings. All fit and well here, apart from Susan and a cough to end all coughs!

The sheep have demanded more food (new hay feeders everywhere) and the horses have cosied in the barn. James from the Ash presented us with our first pheasants home bred and the cats and dogs have made the most of the log fire. We have all appreciated the advantages of four wheel driving and abandoned any car that tries to survive without it. Garden birds seem to be doing well with a nuthatch taking up residence this year. The two hares have taken up residence in the tumbledown tup barn, but sadly the barn owl at Craigshield has visited but  not returned to her nesting  box.

Will finishes his apprenticeship soon and has plans to add butchering to his skills as well as running the farm in the Spring. Who knows he may even start to build a house for Claire and himself in his spare time. Lewis is fit and well with his new pacemaker and planning a few trips to Zimbabwe this year. Susan and Claire continue to learn the farm shop trade, adding haggis and card machines to the skills list. Never a dull moment!

I have some new pictures for the site! My new years resolution is to learn to get them on line before 2012!

Still waiting in anticipation for a comment I can publish! I live in hope!

Best wishes to you all for 2011 and look forward to seeing some of you here this year in Wild Northumberland.

Hi all. We are still here although the pace of life  does not slow down! The Wark Village Butchers has taken over in every sense of the word! We are all well and coping with the advance of Winter. Still need to get the fire in the lodge before the cold really sets in. Bookings have been fantastic, but no space to do work. Still keep them coming! We have had a great season.

Lewis fit and well thank goodness and looking forward to getting Will sorted with his knee before we up the anti on flock and maybe cows. Our meat will soon be on sale in the butchers and we are excited and nervous. Wish us luck.

Great support for the shop from our customers and Claire has never worked so hard in all her life. Alan, Alan and Maureen are working hard to make it work and I make a reasonable delivery person! We are finding it very hard work but an exciting  journey!

New suite in farmhouse looking good and obviously more comfortable than the last one. Looking forward to the christmas decorations. Got the shop to add to the list this year. Roses Bower Customers appreciating the 10% offer at the shop and supporting us. It’s looking good at present with Halloween decs. and pumpkin sausages. If it doesn’t move and it’s topical and edible it’s in the sausages!

Sadly we lost Razzy and are still missing her. Yearling doing well if a tad boisterous and trying Moses’ patience.  The three mares are bouncing after lots of freedom this Summer. Meg has been for sheepdog training with Will and she is a star, working beautifully with Fly and impressing us all.

Hope  you  are all well out in the ether and looking forward to a super Autumn and Winter. I will try to return before 2011!

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