Rose Bowers - Northumberland

Roses Bower - Northumberland

About Roses Bower

A few hundred yards downstream from the main steading, is the now derelict Low Roses Bower, reputedly the home of Rosamund Charlton, who fell in love with a Charlton chieftain in medieval times, and needed this spot for a discreet lovers nest. A bower is of course a secluded place; hence Rose’s Bower. A romantic story, and probably true, as anyone can imagine this scene, standing beside the ruins of Low Roses Bower. For the adventurous, a moonlit night by the burn is an experience to be treasured for lovers and for those trying to conjure up the life of Border Rievers.

Anthony Milburn, another border leader was said to have spent time at Low Roses Bower and the Holy Well Haugh. The latter is the site of a ruined cottage which overlooks the area he probably used to store hundreds of stolen cattle. The moss-troopers would gather at beacon signals or on hearing the Warksburn Call. The Tarset and Tarret men! The Housty men! The Tindalers!

Low Roses Bower has been built in the style of a bastle and some of the defences can still be seen. It is shrouded in memories of the past and can transport the vistor to a time long ago, when life was very different indeed. Books and videos are available in the accommodation, and there are many local museums and collections in the area which can add to your enjoyment of the experience.

In later years, Northumbrian Barn Dances and entertainment were held at Roses Bower. Bob Murdie and his wife welcomed local musicians and their families to dance the night away and share the local gossip. Local farmers brought their fiddles and accompanied the dancers, lit by candles and watched over by the animals in the byre and hen coop. The present owner is fortunate enough to be a member in a local band, who also visit Northumbrian homes and make music in the traditional way with fiddles, mouth organs, accordions, Northumbrian pipes, guitars and key boards. It is our dream, that one day, Low Roses may be restored to its former glory and music made there once more. Northumberland boasts many good musicians and there are opportunities to enjoy traditional music.